Discover how to rest (and welcome sleep)
even when current events set you on edge

Are you up at night, dismayed about the state of affairs – with government, animosity between people, the health of our planet? 

Listen, I know how agonizing it is just to have insomnia, but wrestling fears and the unknown by yourself at night . . . pure torture.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Renewing in Chaos: Finding Rest in Turbulent Times , you can learn to renew, even when angst rears its terrible head. Getting your rest is crucial, especially in chaotic times, so you can manage your health, moods, and have more energy to do what you want.

  • Find deep rest during turbulent nights
  • Reconnect with your body
  • Manage the onslaught of news and media overload
  • Turn down the volume of your mind
  • Create resting space around emotions
  • Connect to a bigger picture
  • Feel compassion for yourself and others...
... all so you can rest and open the door to sleep.

I can't wait to share these videos with you. They're based on my 15 years of developing and using Restful Insomnia, as well as helping thousands with my classes, coaching, and books. And believe me, I've used these tools over the  past months, to move out of dread and into the present moment of deep rest.

Sign up now to get access to: 

  • 9 videos (4-15 minutes each)
  • Guides to each video
  • Over 90 minutes powerful content

We'll delve into struggles that world events can cause at night. And you learn a variety of tools you can use to rest, renew, and open the door to sleep. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Wishing you peaceful nights,


P.S. If you are from a non-profit supporting racial equity, ecology, or human rights, email me about a free copy to your agency. 

About the instructor

Developer of Restful Insomnia

Sondra Kornblatt

Hello, here's a little bit about me. I developed Restful Insomnia during an extended bout of intense insomnia. When cures didn’t work, I happened into a night of deep rest, and discovered that it removed stress, gave me more energy the next day, and opened the door to sleep as well. Which changed my whole relationship to sleep and insomnia.I spent the rest of that long bout of insomnia discovering what encouraged deep rest, and what got in its way. And I developed tools to move through those obstacles using my experience in counseling, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga and more. So now, even though I sometimes have insomnia, I don't suffer from it, because I know I can use one of the Restful Insomnia tools and return to rest.Through coaching, classes, and my book, Restful Insomnia, I've happily helped thousands of people change their relationship with insomnia.  Learn more at

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